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RO WATER – Pure Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water

Stringently tested and approved by the Ministry of Health, we will deliver right to your factory, school, office and home. Ministry of Health licence to bottle drinking water number: KKM 163 (52/B/8)

To ensure that the drinking water we produce are of constant high quality, samples are sent to the Malaysian Chemicals Department, Malaysian Institute of Nuclear Technology and a Ministry of Health accredited laboratory for checks on specific perimeters, on a quarterly basis.

With many satisfied customers in our bottled water portfolio, you can be assured that your drinking water supplies are well taken care of.

19L R.O. Bottled Water

PET Bottled Water

Jernih/ Private label Category:

R.O. Drinking Water

350ml, 500ml & 1500ml

RO-Family (1)

PET Bottled Water

Jernih/ Private label Category:

Mineral Water

500ml & 1500ml

Mineral-Family (1)

Sustainability Product (coming soon)